Blinic is a natural cosmetics brand born out of a desire to reinsert being human into the world of beauty. We combine innovation and a long family tradition in natural cosmetics in order to provide skincare that is intuitive, adaptive, and 100% real.

“We’re not in the business of erasing. We’re in the business of enhancing. We want to create a community of individuals that feel empowered in their skin.”


Blinic is not only a skincare brand, but a lifestyle. We live in our skin, and as so, we each have a unique story etched on our surface: hours spent in the sun, or in the office staring at the computer screen, stressful meetings, or moments of bliss on the seaside. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients, we’ve made simpler and healthier skincare for the human going through the different seasons and phases of life.



For so long, the beauty industry standard has been to target, erase, and change problem areas by overwhelming the skin with ingredients and treatments. Not anymore.

We’ve taken the honest, less is more approach to skincare, by providing simple, intuitive routines that can be adapted to any skin type, gender, or age. In this way we hope to create a safe space for people to address their skin concerns, all while embracing their own, unique beauty.

“We are here to disrupt the norm and revolutionize our relationship with skin.”


We live for the smiles on people’s faces and the excitement when they tell us about how our skincare has worked for them.

Our team is young, dynamic, and creative. Our founders come from different educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds, and they’ve merged their expertise to create a brand that is truly unique in the industry.


Leilani Rosenthal is a French-American Brand Designer, Visual Artist, and the creative mind behind Blinic. After graduating from UCLA in 2019 she pursued a career in graphic design. Her passion for skincare came from her mother, who, from a young age inspired her to follow a simple, feel-good routine. She kept this ethos in mind when designing the skincare line. For her, the ideal skincare product is natural, performs multiple functions, and most importantly, makes you feel good.


Vladimir Glushkov is a University of Westminster graduate and the business mind behind the brand. His passion for producing natural, highquality products stems from his connection to the outdoors, which he cultivated during his tenure as a competitive skier. His vision of merging modern, nature-inspired solutions with business excellence reflects his unwavering dedication to delivering products that prioritize both customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.