Skin type: dry
Skin concerns: itching & redness, sun allergy
Occupation: Business owner

“My friends think I’m crazy. I guess I’m pretty crazy. I've done a lot of crazy things.”

Krista uses the Longevity Serum for extra hydration and prevention. She’ll also use the Natural Filler Roll-on to smooth out her complexion.

“I love extreme sports that raise my adrenaline. I once traveled all over Vietnam with only a small backpack on my back, and one night I spent in the mountains with their mountain tribes. It was a very eye-opening experience. Oh, and as a kid, I dyed my hair different colored strands - red, green, yellow, orange and purple. That was pretty fun!”

Krista also loves the Rose Oil Moisturizer, which works great on her sensitive skin.

“Over the years I have had problems with itching and redness on my face and around my eyes,

which I attribute to low-quality cosmetics. I have an allergy to the sun, so I’m really picky with my face products and sunscreens.”